Traveling A Lot? 10 Ways Celebrities Stay in Shape When on the Road

Traveling A Lot? 10 Ways Celebrities Stay in Shape When on the Road

Trainers are Everywhere

One of the top things that celebrities on the road do to stay in shape is to remember that trainers don’t have to be in your physical presence in order to train you. In other words, with the emergence of all these new technologies, your trainer can Skype, Facetime, or even use things such as YouTube videos to get your workout. Moreover, there is also the possibility of paying for a temporary trainer while on the road. If at all economically feasible, this is a great way to stay in shape without having to use modern technology to do so.

Be Prepared

2 Be Prepared

You can’t get a good workout without your workout clothes. Be sure to pack your favorite workout gear each and every time you travel so you have no excuse not to exercise. Also, if you are considering working out, put on your workout clothes. This will make you more likely to work out rather than putting it off until later.

Mobile Gym

3 Mobile Gym

In addition to that, there is plenty of lightweight equipment on the market that is great for traveling. Skip the bulky weights and machines and instead, skip rope, do yoga, and other workouts that require little to no equipment. Moreover, you can even do many workouts without any equipment at all. Focus on cardio, Pilates, swimming, and other full body workouts that require no equipment to follow.

Location is Everything

4 Location is Everything

If possible, try to book a hotel with a gym on campus. This will eliminate the need to travel with your mobile gym. Otherwise, you can do a search for gyms in the area of the hotel you will be staying in. It may be possible that a gym you belong to is located near your hotel.

Change Your Surroundings

5 Change Your Surroundings

Do not be afraid to call ahead and request that the hotel remove any unhealthy snacks or drinks from your room prior to your check-in. This is a great way to eliminate temptation before it even begins. Moreover, you can also ask if there is a health-food specific menu when ordering room service in order to avoid the temptations of having to choose between a salad and a double bacon burger with cheese.

Bring Your Own Snacks

6 Bring Your Own Snacks

Another great way to stay in shape on the road is by bringing your own healthy snacks with you. Given the amount of empty calories that can be consumed from unhealthy snack options, bringing your own snacks will ensure that you have something healthy to curb your appetite handy at all times. Otherwise, it is possible to have a concierge pick up a few specific snacks or you can take a trip to the market yourself.


7 Walk

While you certainly won’t be able to walk everywhere, taking the stairs, parking a bit farther away and walking to your destination, and any other excuse you can use to do some walking is a great way to stay in shape on the road. If nothing else, try to take a walk around the area you’re staying in after lunch. This is a great way to learn your surroundings and burn a few calories in the process.

Hire a Personal Chef

8 Hire a Personal Chef

Although this may not be economically feasible for everyone, by researching and hiring a personal chef to cook your meals while you’re in their area, you will ensure that all of your meals are healthy and delicious. On the flip side, if this isn’t an affordable option, you can stay in an extended stay hotel and purchase and cook the meals yourself.

Get it Done Early

9 Get it Done Early

Traveling can be very exhausting. If you immediately begin your workout as soon as you hop out of bed in the morning (easier said than done), you will spend your whole day in a better mood and won’t have the burden of worrying about how you will fit a workout in later.

Find a Buddy

10 Find a Buddy

Lastly, try finding someone willing to meet you at the gym or park in order to work out each day. If you have a friend, associate, or relative who enjoys working out and lives in the area, give them a call! Moreover, you can even reach out to your social media network and see if there are any fitness gurus or pay-per-day programs that you can join in order to get a super intense workout for a reasonable price, and maybe even make some new friends in the process.