Targeted Workout Tips from the Kardashian Sisters


Body Types

A collection of gorgeous ladies, moguls, and reality star, the Kardashians have built a brand that emphasizes both beauty and fitness. Moreover, while each of the women is a bombshell in their own right, they each have a separate body type as well as the method of achieving their desired results. In the case of Khloe, she is considered a bit of a late bloomer by the masses.

Looking and feeling great after losing an impressive 35 pounds, Khloe has become a shining example of what can happen with hard work, dedication, and the right workout plan. In fact, in the wake of her new “revenge body” people are living up for tips from the TV vixen. With that said, the following is an overview of 4 targeted workout tips from the Kardashians themselves.


Interval Training

First and foremost, the way in which you choose workout can be just as important as the exercises you choose to do. For those who are yet unfamiliar, interval training involves workout sessions that alternate between intense rounds of extreme cardio and short breaks to recover and catch your breath. One of the newest methods of training on the gym scene, by incorporating interval training into your workout, you will start to realize substantial results.



In addition to that, be sure that you have a wide variety of exercises to keep you motivated and avoid boring your body. Studies have shown that a varied workout will provide much more significant results than that of having one regular routine. Khloe is said to have gone to boxing classes three days a week as well as cardio such as bicycle riding and running on the treadmill on the other days. She also enjoys hiking with the rest of her sisters.


Ab Rollers

While the abdominal muscles are typically a trouble area, the Kardashians seem to have gotten it down to a science. One of her go-to exercises for abs, Khloe has told her followers that she does at least 100 of these per day.

Workout at Least 3-5 Days Per Week – The Kardashians (and Khloe, in particular) have been very vocal about the fact that staying in great shape takes hard work. In order to lose the weight and achieve her revenge body, Khloe worked out almost every day for months.


Long-term Dietary Changes

Lastly, one thing Khloe has never been shy about is her love of food. While other member of the Kardashian family seem to have gotten a handle on this early in life, Khloe has struggled to find balance between her diet and her body goals. Rather than using supplements or undergoing surgery, Khloe opted to take the time to slowly implement dietary changes that will last for the long haul.

This process consists of ridding your diet of unhealthy foods and replacing them with other foods that are both healthy and tasty. Pointing out that temporary diets bring temporary results, Khloe is committing her life to continuously finding new ways to eat healthy (with the occasional cheat meal of course).

Overall, it seems that diet, the type of training, and your commitment to success are just as important and the specific workouts being used in order to lose weight. To take a page from the book of Khloe, just remember to be active every day, make better meal choices, and don’t forget those ab rollers!