See Shannon Doherty’s Breast Cancer-Inspired Shaved Head

While she has certainly been elusive as of late, the “Where are they now” story in regards to former prominent leading lady, Shannen Doherty, is a sobering one. At the age of 45, Doherty is preparing for her biggest role to date: cancer survivor. Although her road to and from success has obviously been a winding one, fans of one of Hollywood’s original TV bad girls are genuinely concerned for her well-being.
The Details
Apparently, at some point last year, Shannen Doherty was forced to sue her business manager for a variety of reasons. One of which being, she believes he is responsible for the severity of her breast cancer. No, this isn’t some crazy conspiracy theory from an ex-Hollywood crack pot; quite the contrary. In fact, it actually seems that the lawsuit may be credible. Although her ex-business manager is clearly not the culprit behind Doherty’s cancer diagnosis, he may be the reason why her diagnosis is now so severe. This is due to the fact that, according to Doherty, her ex-manager, Tanner Mainstain, caused her insurance to be canceled which resulted in her delayed diagnosis and subsequently caused her to suffer from a more serious case of cancer. Asserting that Mainstain continued to take his 5% fee, he failed to pay her insurance premium in 2014, resulting in a cancellation. The matter was not brought to her attention until months later and she re-enrolled in 2015.
Moreover, given that she is not making the amount of money she once was, doctors’ appointments became scarce during the lapse as she would have to pay out of pocket for those visits. By the time she returned to her normal routine in regards to receiving regular check-ups, it was March of 2015. Finding of metastatic invasive to at least one lymph node, Doherty says that the doctor told her the cancer likely spread in 2014 while she was taking a break from her regular check-ups. Due to this, Doherty now needs chemotherapy and possibly a mastectomy, all of which could have potentially been avoided had they caught the cancer in time.
Facing the Future 
However, in true Shannen Doherty fashion, this “Charmed” star is ready for war. Armed with her support network, which consists of her mother, husband, and two friends, the star seems to have come to terms with the battle ahead of her and is taking it all in stride. Posting a series of photos with her loved ones, Doherty revealed her new look as well as her new perspective on life. Rather than complain or continue on with the blame game, it seems that she has embraced her battle, scars and all. “Ultimately, they’re just breasts right?”, she seemed to both ask and exclaim. With a determined, confident attitude, Doherty marches boldly into her unclear future, unafraid of the negatives. Here’s wishing her a speedy recovery, and hopefully an appearance on the “Charmed” reboot to follow! In a perfect world…