New Age Nostalgia: Lisa Frank Adult Coloring Books Finally In Stores

Lisa Frank adult coloring book

Excellent news for former 90’s kids and all adults who never quite grew up, the well-known, vibrant Lisa Frank brand is finally venturing into the world of adulthood. As a part of the recent adult coloring book craze, Lisa Frank has just released her own version of a grown up coloring book. Answering silent prayers of children at heart everywhere, it was announced a couple of weeks ago that the book is set to hit stores in the near future.

More About the Book

As if the sheer existence of this coloring book wasn’t the best part, it is filled with slightly more adult versions of the bright, whimsical designs we came to know and love as children. By taking one glimpse at the blinged out unicorn on the cover, it is clear that this book both captures the nostalgia of the old designs and brings them into the new age. In addition to that, by perusing through the book, it can quickly be seen that there is a wide selection of intricately drawn animals, characters, and objects of all kinds. Moreover, so far, the book is available at your local Dollar General, but it will likely make its way around as it increases in popularity. However, the best part of all is the discounted price. While many adult coloring books can cost upwards of $10, this book is being sold for just $3! An excellent selection of designs being sold at a discount price; the Lisa Frank adult coloring book will be a fun way to relieve stress without breaking the bank.