Love Sick: Taylor Swift Might Have a Love Addiction, According to Dr. Drew

Taylor Swift

According to the well-known doctor and addiction specialist to the stars, Dr. Drew, Taylor Swift’s life may not be the massive love story that it seems. Pointing out that her long string of public romances may not be out of sincerity, but rather, a method of feeding her unhealthy relationship habits. Dr. Drew asserts that a love addiction is likely the culprit behind Swift’s antics.

More about Love Addiction

An addiction to the feelings of joy and elation that one experiences while in love, experts assert that love addiction is not necessarily about being involved in a romantic relationship. However, those who suffer from love addiction live in need of constant love and affection, and will sacrifice and go great lengths to experience these feelings.

Swift-Specific Addiction Info

Either way, in the case of Swift, it seems that her potential love addiction is very much tied to romantic relationships. After once again jumping from one relationship to another, following her split with Calvin Harris, the almost immediate hookup with her new beau, Tom Hiddleston, Swift’s so-called “man” hopping is finally being called out by a professional. While filming an upcoming episode of “Allegedly” with Matt Weiss and Theo Von, Dr. Drew gives his insight on the man-eating pop star. He first points out that given her life in the spotlight, it is hard to discern if her relationships are legit or if they’re just for publicity. Nevertheless, Drew goes on to say that Swift likely has an issue with falling too hard and fast for her lovers and that the tendency to idealize love and relationships is likely what fuels her actions.

At any rate, there seems to be at least a touch of misogyny afoot. One has to wonder if this would even be a topic of discussion if she were a rich and powerful man.