Must Watch: Jennifer Garner Reading Go The F*ck to Sleep. You're Welcome

Must Watch: Jennifer Garner Reading Go The F*ck to Sleep. You're Welcome

A celebrity mom unlike any other, Jennifer Garner is a gorgeous mother of three whose parenting style seems to fuse classic ideals with modern, more liberal views. Moreover, with two boys and a girl (Violet, 10, Seraphina, 7, and Sam, 4), this young mom has to be well rounded in order to keep up with her children of both genders. Add to that, her recent, very public divorce scandal with husband, Ben Affleck, and this is enough to make anyone a bit exhausted. As with most moms, sometimes, you just need to let their hair down and let a few F’s rip; clearly Garner is no different. Perhaps, this is why this video is so perfect. Of everything you’ve done today, you have not witnessed anything more entertaining than Garner reading the comical children’s book parody, Go The F*ck to Sleep.

Reasons it was Awesome

The actress and star of infamous children’s flicks such as Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day as well as the upcoming Miracles from Heaven, lounged poolside and gave a cozy little reading of this ridiculously vulgar publication. Written by Adam Mansbach and performed for the well-known magazine, Vanity Fair, Garner uses the innocent, sweet voice she has come to be known for to perform one of the most vulgar tales around. Set to a lullaby-like backing track and hurling expletives from beginning to end, Garner gleefully utters phrases such as “I know you’re not thirsty, that’s bull sh*t, stop lying and go the f*ck to sleep.” A cute little book that outlines the frustration every parent experiences when trying to put their children to sleep, this tongue-in-cheek reading is exactly what every weary parent needs.

You’re Welcome

A candid glimpse at Garners down-to-earth side, the main reason this reading is so awesome is that it reminds us that even those who are picture perfect, have their moments when they are anything but. Even more compelling, although Garner is clearly an adult, she has still admitted that she hopes her parents don’t catch an earful of her potty-mouthed depiction. One of the best things you’ve seen all day, girl up with your favorite electronic device and let Garner sooth you to sleep. However, you might want to be mindful to put the kids to bed first.