The 8 Most Dangerous Celebrity Diets



The material girl is not one to shy away from the latest health craze. She popularized Pilates among Hollywood’s elite, and mainstream Americana. However, her fans should not follow her lead with the Urine Diet. The claims that drinking one’s own urine can reduce the risk of developing cancer have been rebuked.


Tom Hanks

The No Sugar Diet sounds deceiving. Cutting added sugars out of one’s diet is a healthy choice. However, a diet that eliminates all sugar from one’s diet is excessively limiting one’s nutritional options. Vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and nuts are forbidden on the No Sugar Diet. Not only did Tom Hanks try this diet, Alec Baldwin was rumored to have experimented with it.


Jake Gyllenhaal

On the surface, the Kale Salad and Chewing Gum Diet doesn’t seem to have any adverse effect on one’s nutrition. However, this diet allows the person to only consume the Kale Salad and chew gum to fend off hunger.


Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz attempted the Clay Cleanse diet. The claims are that consuming a spoonful of clay daily will detox the body, leading to weight loss and better health. These claims have been refuted, and in fact, this diet is harmful to one’s health.


Michelle Pfeiffer

The Breatharian Diet dates back to the 1960s. The diet claims that one pretends to eat from an imaginary plate. By gulping air, the person feels full, which leads to weight loss. This diet is entirely false: no one can survive on air alone. Michelle Pfeiffer was one of many starlets who practiced this dangerous diet.


Harry Styles

One Direction’s front man, and teen heart throb, Harry Styles tried a diet that sounds like an ode to superman.  The Bulletproof Diet claims you can lose a pound per day. Seven pounds weekly is not healthy nor realistic. The diet consists of drinking bullet coffee, the recipe is black coffee with two tablespoons butter and one tablespoon MCT oil. The creator,  Dave Asprey, claims the diet will help you to shed pounds, gain muscle, and increase energy levels.


Elle MacPherson

One of the last supermodel’s, Elle MacPherson has maintained her sensational looks and figure with. The beauty is known to employ the Super Elixir for its ability to change body tissue from acidic to alkaline. A food supplement, this transition rests on unfounded (and unhealthy) premise that changing the body’s acidic state will lead to improved health. Heath care providers discourage using this celebrity diet.



The Queen Bey incorporates the Master Cleanse as an element of her beauty regime. Have you heard of the lemonade diet or maple syrup diet? They are one in the same. This dangerous celebrity diet requires you to drink a concoction of lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and water for ten to fourteen days. The diet claims to cleanse your body, ridding toxins, therefore, improving appearance.