12 Weight Loss Secrets of Celebrity Moms


Halle Berry

She made time to workout. She worked out throughout the pregnancy, slowing down at 7.5 months. Her fitness routine included cardio and free weights. Three weeks post-pregnancy,  she resumed taking hikes and adding core exercises to regain her pre-pregnancy figure.


Jennifer Lopez

Setting a goal was Lopez’s trick to weight loss.  Staying focused and creating deadlines helped her to measure progress and feel accomplished.


Tori Spelling

Instead of focusing on exercise, Tori regained her always skinny frame with a nutrition regime. Meal planning helped prevent binges on convenient, albeit unhealthy, foods.


Jessica Alba

Rearranging furniture in her home let Alba get a workout whenever she could squeeze in the time.


Heidi Klum

Breaking up a workout into several mini-workouts throughout the day helped new mom Klum stay active by working out in small increments of time while her kids were sleeping.


Samantha Harris

Preventing the impulse to grab a high calorie, high fat snack, Harris stocked her kitchen with healthy meals. Despite a hectic schedule, she could depend on healthy eating throughout the day without much effort.


Naomi Watts

Maximizing workout time, Watts got a total workout in the pool during pregnancy and beyond. Swimming is an ideal workout for weight loss, and cardio exercises in the pool are more gentle on the body.


Julie Roberts

Following along to an exercise DVD let new mom Julia Roberts work out without needing to create a routine for herself. Leave the guess work out, and get a few strength and cardio programs on DVD before the baby’s due date.


Marcia Cross

Utilize a gym membership’s group fitness classes. Some gyms offer onsite daycare. The rigid schedule kept Cross on track to losing the weight from her pregnancy.


Milla Jovovich

Before her doctor approved a return to exercise, Jovovich gave her weight loss a jump start with nutrition. Healthy eating helps the extra weight melt away.


Jenny McCarthy

Support groups for weight loss and motherhood helped keep new mom McCarthy stay focused. The advice and camaraderie from women in the same position as McCarthy helped her lose the extra weight.


Mariska Hargitay

Get a power routine that blasts the pounds away. When combining cardio and strength exercises, Hargitay fast-tracked her weight loss.