Jackson Brothers Reunite for Show On Eve of Death Anniversary

jackson brothers

A bittersweet event of epic proportions, the Jackson brothers, Jermaine, Tito, Jackie, and Marlon, came together to sing, dance, and celebrate their late brother, Michael Jackson, an icon who passed away tragically just 7 years ago. Many of his fans and family continue to mourn his untimely demise. Dead at just 50 years old, although M.J. was certainly no spring chicken, his millions of fans are certain he would have continued to deliver his classically awesome material for many years to come.

More about the Show

Decked out in glittery suits, the quartet performed with a selection of background singers, and before a crowd of adoring fans. Singing classic hits such as “Wanna Be Startin’ Something” and “One More Chance”, among many others. A great performance (despite the obvious issue of being bereft of one of the greatest voices of our generation) the brother sang and danced nearly as smoothly as they did in childhood. A great way to keep the legacy of M.J. alive, here’s hoping that this will become a tradition rather than an occasional happening.

Despite many attempts to tarnish his legacy, true M.J. fans remain loyal, and new ones are being born all the time. Although nothing will even bring him back, keeping good music alive is vital. Michael Jackson looked up to the likes of James Brown and Jackie Wilson. There’s no telling what greatness can be bred by those who link up at an M.J. tribute concert. Here’s to the future of musical icons!