Is Disney’s New Sensitivity About Alligators a Good Thing?

Alligator at Disneyworld

After the terrible attack a few weeks ago by an alligator on Disney properties, Disney has gone out of their way to make things safer for their many visitors. Several of the steps that they have taken have been very positive and will serve to help protect their visitors and guests.  But some of the action’s that Disney is now taking may be going overboard.

The original steps that were taken included putting up gates and fences around the many bodies of water that can be found around the Disney park.  This is being done in hopes of preventing another attack like the one on the toddler that started all of these changes.  Disney has also begun making some changes to the signs that are displayed throughout the park.  These signs will give the visitors more information about what animals can be found around Disney and where they are most likely to be found at.

While these steps do serve a very positive purpose, Disney has also taken another step that may be going too far.  The famous park has begun to remove alligators from many different areas around their park.  That includes the Peter Pan alligator being removed from the Festival of Fantasy parade and The Princess and the Frog alligator being taken out of a show.

While Disney may be trying to be sensitive to the trauma that recently occurred, one has to wonder if the park is taking things too far.  With the park taking extra steps to keep from offending anyone, are they now going to the extreme?  While the steps taken so far may seem inconsequential, these steps might be just the first in the complete removal of all alligators from the Disney theme park, which could eventually lead to the complete censorship of all predatory animals from the park.