Good Genes: 13 Famous Daughters of Legendary Rock Stars


Liv Tyler

Born Liv Rudgren Tyler first knocked us out with her unforgettable appearances in Aerosmith videos of the 1990s. This break, courtesy of Aerosmith lead singer daddy Steve Tyler, lead to the daughter arguably surpassing the father in celebrity. She’s got it all – looks, great acting ability and three cute kids. The 39 year old still works as a model and actress and in her spare time helps out charities like the United Nations Children’s Fund.


Stella McCartney

One of the hottest names in fashion for many years has been Stella McCartney, daughter of the living legend Sir Paul McCartney and his first wife Linda. She famously feuded with Sir Paul’s second wife, one-legged model Heather Mills. She made her first item – a jacket—when she was only thirteen and she hasn’t stopped since. Her clothes, shoes, bags and perfume will be much in demand for years to come, securing legacy as a living legend of fashion and design. She also has four children and a marriage which has lasted for 13 years and counting.


Georgia May Jaggar

This gorgeous 24-year-old blonde followed in the footsteps of her mom, Texan model and actress Jerry Hall rather than her dad – Sir Mick Jaggar. Fortunately, she looks more like Mom than Dad. She’s done stellar work for clients as varied as Versace, Chanel perfume and cosmetics firm Rimmel. You may remember her from the 2012 London Summer Olympics closing ceremony as she strut her stuff with Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.


Norah Jones

With over 50 million albums sold so far and a shelf full of music awards, Norah Jones has clearly forged her own identity as a musician instead of relying on favors from fans of her dad, the Beatles’ friend Ravi Shankar, considered to be one of the best sitar players that ever lived. Norah’s birth name is Geetali Norah Shankar, but she had it officially changed as a teenager after her parents split up. She was proudly born and raised in the USA. She and her Dad finally reconciled before Dad’s death in 2012.


Melanie Gabriel

The second of prog rocker Peter Gabriel’s four children, Melanie is also a singer and songwriter. Although she has her own career she is best known for being a back-up singer for several of her father’s critically acclaimed tours and albums. In 2011, the sleek 39 year old beauty gave her father the best gift of all – a grandchild, a boy named Ira. She also is the inspiration for Dad’s 1993 song, “Come Talk to Me”, sadly caused by the problems between them when Dad divorced Melanie’s Mom, Jill Moore Gabriel.


Stella Santana

Daughter of the guitar god Carlos Santana, Stella has forged her own musical path through the land of R & B, not following the Latin-influenced rock and soul explored by her father. A graduate of Pepperdine University, it took Stella many years of self-discovery and youthful fooling around before she followed music as a calling. She lists her musical influences as Lauryn Hill and Missy Elliot.  Her album Selfish came out in 2015.



The precocious 15-year-old singer and actress is just one member of the talented family of rapper and actor Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. She is also the sister of The Pursuit of Happyness actor brother Jaden Smith. Her first hit single was 2010’s “Whip My Hair” which came out when she was only ten years old. Although known best as Willow, her full name is Willow Camille Reign Smith.


Kelly Osborne

Daughter of the recently separated Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne, Shelly was catapulted into fame during the hit MTV reality series The Osbournes which ran from 2002 – 2005. She has since shown many talents, including modeling, singing, writing songs and designing clothes. She also won third place on Dancing with the Stars in 2009. She also does charity work for the Salvation Army, The Prince’s Trust and for HIV positive people.


Lisa Marie Presley

The daughter of the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley and the one-time wife of the Prince of Pop, Michael Jackson has somehow not managed to scar the 48-year-old award winning actress and singer. She also has four failed marriages and four beautiful children. In her spare time, she works for charities like the Grammy Foundation, Oprah Winfrey’s Angel Network and the Elvis Presley Foundation.


Nicole Ritchie

Nicole Ritchie has become such a huge name in reality television and music that it can be easy to forget that she’s the adopted daughter of the legendary Lionel Ritchie. Her real father is also a musician, Peter Michael Escovitio. He worked with Lionel Ritchie and that’s how Lionel met Nicole. She also is a fashion designer and author. If that’s not enough on her plate, the 34-year old Nicole is also the mother of two.


Carnie Wilson

Daughter of Brian Wilson, she formed a third of the pop group Wilson Phillips and then went on to be a television show host.


Wendy Wilson

The 46-year old Wendy is the other third of Wilson Phillips and daughter of Beach Boys’ founder Brian Wilson.


Pearl Eday

You wouldn’t know it from her name but this singer is the adopted daughter of Meatloaf.