Facebook Creator Creating a New Controversy in Hawaii

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg has become a household name since the creation of Facebook and its overwhelming success.  Since Facebook was first created, the public has watched Mark Zuckerberg’s activities very closely.  This is due in part to the fascination that the public has with the rich and famous.  Unlike many of the other celebrities, it is rare to see his name attached to anything negative.  But his newest controversy is something that many people are very upset with Zuckerberg about.

This newest controversy stems from Mark Zuckerberg’s massive property in Hawaii.  This property is roughly 750 acres total that Zuckerberg has owned for the last two years.  That has not been an issue until just recently, and many people were not even aware that he owned property in Hawaii.  Zuckerberg has recently made the decision to build a wall that is six feet high all the way around his property.  He has not released any information about why he has suddenly made this decision after residing on the property for the last two years.

This has made several of his neighbors extremely unhappy with the famous Zuckerberg.  The neighbors that are upset with Zuckerberg’s actions are claiming that this wall is now blocking out their view of the ocean.  They have complained and have stated that they have tried speaking with Zuckerberg.  According to these neighbors, Mark Zuckerberg is not responding to any of their attempts to talk to him about this new wall.

When looking into this wall, the zoning department has shared that there is no code against this wall being built.  Mark Zuckerberg is completely within his rights to erect this wall on his property.  And when looking even further, there have been no complaints filed against Zuckerberg, and there is currently no investigation into the wall that is being built.

While this is some of the most negative news that has come out about Mark Zuckerberg, there is not a lot known at this time.  As Zuckerberg has not released a statement it is hard to say what his motivations for this wall are.  This is one story that will be followed closely over the next few months.