Debbie Rowe to Undergo Cancer Treatment Without Daughter, Paris’ Support

Breast cancer Debbie Rowe

Terrible news for Debbie Rowe and her loved ones. The former nanny and ex-wife to the late pop icon, Michael Jackson, has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. To add insult to injury, her estranged daughter, Paris Jackson, so far has no clue about her diagnosis.
The Sad Details 

According to sources, Rowe was diagnosed with breast cancer within the past couple of months and will undergo surgery for the disease over the next week. However, it does not seem she will be receiving any support from her estranged daughter. This is due to the fact that Rowe was not very instrumental in Paris’ life prior to the death of Michael. Although they did reconcile briefly after the star’s untimely demise, this was very short-lived. Once Jackson took some time away to focus on herself and to try and heal from her life in the spotlight, as well as the recent death of her father, their relationship once again fell apart. Moreover, although there is no evidence of this, Rowe suspects that the Jackson family is the reason she and her daughter are no longer speaking.

Although Rowe would clearly appreciate the support, she has essentially given up on mending the broken relationship. On the verge of undergoing a very serious, and hopefully life-saving procedure, rather than reaching out to her daughter, Paris, Rowe has decided to mentally prepare to go on without her. Either way, with a literal life or death situation on the horizon, Rowe could use all the support and well wishes she can get.