Kim Kardashian Pens Emotional Essay In Wake Of Recent Shootings

Kim Kardashian is sharing an emotional letter in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement in the wake of the tragic deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.
Taylor Swift

Love Sick: Taylor Swift Might Have a Love Addiction, According to Dr. Drew

According to the well-known doctor and addiction specialist to the stars, Dr. Drew, Taylor Swift's life may not be the massive love story that it seems. Pointing...
Alligator at Disneyworld

Is Disney’s New Sensitivity About Alligators a Good Thing?

After the terrible attack a few weeks ago by an alligator on Disney properties, Disney has gone out of their way to make things safer for their...
jackson brothers

Jackson Brothers Reunite for Show On Eve of Death Anniversary

A bittersweet event of epic proportions, the Jackson brothers, Jermaine, Tito, Jackie, and Marlon, came together to sing, dance, and celebrate their late brother, Michael Jackson, an icon...
Lisa Frank adult coloring book

New Age Nostalgia: Lisa Frank Adult Coloring Books Finally In Stores

Excellent news for former 90's kids and all adults who never quite grew up, the well-known, vibrant Lisa Frank brand is finally venturing into the world of adulthood. As a...
Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Creator Creating a New Controversy in Hawaii

Mark Zuckerberg has become a household name since the creation of Facebook and its overwhelming success.  Since Facebook was first created, the public has watched Mark Zuckerberg's...

On The Well-Deserved Buzz Surrounding Kendall Jenner’s Nip Piercing

Great news Kardashian fans across the globe, Kendall Jenner's girls have once again made a very public appearance. Spotted in NYC taking a day stroll with her...