Baby Joy for Jasmine Sorge

jasmine sorge pregnant

Having a new baby is always big news for the rich and famous.  Much of the public is extremely interested in many of the details of these pregnancies and enjoy following the pregnancy in any news source that they can find.  That has proven to be true for Jasmine Sorge, as well.

Jasmine Sorge is most well known for her role on Little Women: LA.  This newest pregnancy announcement for the star is her second pregnancy with her husband, Chris.  It is currently being reported that the show will follow along with her pregnancy which is currently at the end of the first trimester.

At the time of this pregnancy announcement, the star and her husband do not know whether they are having a boy or a girl.  This will surely be something that the show will cover as they follow along with Jasmine’s pregnancy.  And to make the pregnancy unique among Hollywood pregnancies, the star is planning on having cameras rolling and filming as she gives birth to her second child.

By covering this pregnancy on the show, the public will have a new way in which to follow a celebrity pregnancy.  While magazines can share pictures and articles about a pregnancy, the show will be able to give you live footage of the ways in which this particular pregnancy progresses.  By being able to watch this pregnancy, fans of the television show and of the star can watch this pregnancy and get caught up with all of the joys and surprises that a pregnancy brings to the expectant parents.

As the pregnancy progresses, it will be a new experience for many fans to watch Jasmine’s pregnancy advance.  No matter what news is released, we all just wish this happy couple the best of luck and congratulate them on one of life’s greatest joys.