8 Health and Fitness Tips that Keep Ellen Degeneres Smiling


Go Vegan

Ellen Degeneres and her wife Portia Rossi went vegan in 2009 and have never looked back. In 2015, Time magazine reported that 1% of American adults were vegan. That translates to nearly 4 million vegans. Although Ellen and Portia hire a professional chef, it’s now easier for American vegans than ever with ready-made vegan alternatives like vegan ranch dressing, mayonnaise, cookies and pizza readily available in many large supermarkets and department stores like Target and Walmart. Before going vegan, check with your doctor about how to transition in a healthy way.  Some people choose to be a “flexitarian” and be vegans on only some days of the week.


Cut Back On Sugar

In 2010, Ellen famously went on a sugar cleanse. Remember 2010? That was the year Ellen not only did her own award-winning talk show but also was a judge on American Idol. Ellen told Shape magazine that cutting out all sugar and sugary treats helped give her enough energy to keep up the two shows with her usual bubbly personality and quick wit. But wait – don’t people usually feel more energized after eating sugar? Just look at a two-year-old zooming about after getting into a bag of Oreos. However, this sugar high can be misleading. Inevitably after a sugar high comes an energy crash. If you can’t cut out sugar completely then at least cut back to stay healthy and active. For energy, eat whole grains, nuts, fresh or dried fruit and soy or rice milk.


Dance A Little Every Day

Regular exercise is so important for overall health but it can be so boring. Ellen has done many kinds of vigorous activities from kayaking to practicing power yoga. However, her best known exercise routing is dancing, which she displays on most of her shows if her back permits. Dancing is also highly recommended by the University of Oxford. They held a study where volunteers who danced not only got good physical workouts but mental workouts as well. The study also showed that people felt happier dancing with others instead of dancing alone. This suggests that watching people like Ellen dance on TV and then dancing with her would make you happier than dancing alone.



Ellen loves to make people laugh. This not only helps people get into better moods but also makes them healthier. Laughter is good medicine notes the world famous Mayo Clinic. Laughing gives short-term benefits such as releasing endorphins to make you feel good naturally, making your inner organs work better because laughter gives it more oxygen, and making you feel more relaxed afterwards. Long-term benefits include reducing the overall stress load in your life, a safe way to exercise your natural immune system and can even help reduce many types of  pain.


Give Back

Ellen ends her talk show with the words, “Be kind to one another.” When she won the 2016 Best Humanitarian at the People’s Choice Awards, she urged her audience to be kind not to win awards but that kindness is the whole “point of being a human.” She has given away millions of dollars in cash and supplies to needy and deserving viewers on her show but also has helped raise millions to fight diseases and help victims of natural disasters. Being kind does not just mean raising money or giving away cars. It means treating others as you wish to be treated. Being kind to others can make you healthier according to some studies. Kindness makes you happier, reduces blood pressure, reduces stress and can improve the overall quality of your life.


Focus on the Positive

Ellen is notorious for her loving, positive relationship with wife Portia Rossi. She practices what she preaches on focusing on positive relationships (especially with friends.)


Try Yoga

Did you know Ellen does yoga each day, first having started with power yoga before switching to a 60 to 90 minute series of poses every morning with a private instructor.


Accept Yourself As You Are

When CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch’s discriminatory policies against plus-sized women went public, Ellen went on the record noting that beauty goes beyond a number (namely the size of your clothes.) As Ellen is now over 50, she is a role model for accepting yourself as you are, for who you are and where you’re at in your journey.