16 Ways Your Life is Nothing Like Kim Karashian’s


Kim Never Has To Worry If She Can Afford Cosmetics

Kim Kardashian made a staggering $71.8 million in just the year 2015. Unlike normal women, Kim never has to wonder if she can afford new cosmetics. All the average American gal can afford in makeup is $15,000 in her entire life. That’s just a weekend splurge to Kim.  However, the good news is that the cost of cosmetics has not greatly increased unless it is a “prestige” line of makeup. You do not have to get anything from a prestige line in order to get great cosmetics.


Kim Never Has To Worry If She Can Afford That New Dress

With yearly earnings in the millions, Kim can afford to not only buy a new dress whenever she wants but can buy out an entire store’s inventory if she felt like it. The rest of us do need to be concerned about sticking to a clothes budget, since prices for any fashion item or accessory is always on the increase.


Kim Never Has To Stuff Her Bra

The 35-year-old Kim never has to frantically stuff tissues down her bra in order to look her best during a television interview or photo shoot. She won’t have to worry about her breasts being too small since she’s a size 34D (although there have been reports that sometimes she wears a 32DD). Since that formidable pair is on a body only 5′ 3” tall, they seem even larger in proportion to her overall build.


Kim Never Has To Stuff Her Panties

Same reason as why she never has to worry about stuffing her bra. After having difficulty losing “baby weight” after the birth of her son makes this problem doubly improbable, despite rumors of her wearing “butt pads.”


Kim Never Has To Worry About Sagging Breasts

Age and gravity happen to all of us but aging holds no special fear for Kim when it comes to her breasts. If they start to drop towards her navel all she has to do is get a breast augmentation procedure to make the boobs perky again. At a mere $4000 per average cost of cosmetic breast surgery she could afford to have them worked on nearly every year for the rest of her life. Cosmopolitan reports that a second surgery is necessary for 25% of all women who undergo a surgical breast augmentation procedure.


Kim Never Has To Worry About Blood Stains On Her Best Clothes

It’s a monthly hassle — to wear or not wear good clothes when you have your period? With Kim’s deep pockets, she can afford to throw out any blood-stained item she wants and get them replaced immediately. Heck, she could probably pay someone to bleed for her. For the rest of us, we must sacrifice clothes to the monthly flow. According to The Huffington Post, a woman will spend about $2, 280 in her lifetime just to replace ruined underwear.


Kim Never Has To Wonder If Her Eyebrows Look Funny

In a recent study using the ancient Greek principle called the Golden Ratio to scientifically determine the world’s most beautiful faces, Kim was voted as having the best pair of eyebrows for women in the world.


Kim Will Never Go Grey Overnight

Being a brunette does have some advantages. Not like Kim needs any more advantages in her life. studies show that it takes longer for brunettes to go completely grey than other hair colors. It may take Kim as long as 10 years from her first grey stripe to a full head of silver. Not that she can’t afford hair dye, anyway.


Kim Never Has To Worry If the Sun Will Bring Out Her Freckles

One advantage of having dusky skin coloration like Kim’s is that she will never get freckles.


Kim Never Has To Conceal An Embarrassing Tattoo

Kim has never received a tattoo — or if she has, it’s in a place that has never been revealed by all of her nude Instagram selfies. Tattoo remorse is on the rise for ordinary people who decided that nothing would make them look better than to have a battleship across their backs.


Kim Can Break A Fashion New Year’s Resolution

Kim once famously resolved on her TV show that she would not wear black for a year. That resolution crashed and burned in the way of most New Year’s resolutions. Unlike the rest of us, Kim has not gotten much flak about continuing to wear black.


Kim Can Toss Out Anything She Does Not Like

Kim does not settle for second-best in anything. If she doesn’t like her clothes, she tosses them. If she doesn’t like her husband, she tosses him. Unlike most of us in the real world, Kim has the power and the money to smooth over any problems tossing out the leftovers may cause. The rest of us have to make do on whatever we are stuck with.


Kim Never Has To Wonder if Kanye Will Do Anything Stupid In Public

Well, that ship has already long sailed and the world has not ended so Kanye can keep doing stupid things in public and it will not impact how the public perceives Kim. The rest of us do have to worry that our significant other’s antics could lead to job loss, loss of friends or loss of everything.


Kim Never Has To Worry If Someone Will Bully Her Kids Over Their Stupid Names

When your parents can BUY any other parents you can have any name you want.


Kim Never Has To Worry About Someone Wearing The Same Dress

You go to a party and someone is wearing the exact same dress as you. Not a problem for Kim. She just pays the party goer in the same dress to go away.


Kim Always Has Something to Wear

And this is why we love to hate her, folks.