15 Ways to Look Like a Kardashian Without Breaking the Bank (#5 is Golden!)


Bronze Yourself

Spray on the bronze. First, it’s noncommittal, like Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries. Second, it’s cheap — but a great value! Sally Hansen Airbrush Leg spray is available at Wal-mart and mass merchandisers across the country. It’s available in a variety of hues. The water resistant formula lets you cover up blemishes, scars, and any ugly marks you want to hide.


Rock the Red Lip

Be the red lip classic thing that the James Dean types like. Milani liquid red lipstick is stocked at dollar stores! Can’t beat that price. Remember to choose the right red for your complexion: some have too much blue or pink tones in them and can look a little Halloween vampire, like a clownish Elvira instead of a sultry vamp a la True Blood.


Frame Yourself

Eyebrows frame your face. Can’t afford Botox injections? Well sculpted eyebrows can open up your eyes and take years off your face. Try L’Oreal Brow Stylist Sculptor to look youthful on a budget. Beware: super skinny brows age you in all the wrong ways. Avoid bushy brows, but keep them full for a classic, timeless look.


Golden Goddess

Run like an Olympian to buy a golden eyeshadow quad by Maybelline. Fresh and natural with a little sparkle.


Bat Your Eyes

The Kardashians took a beauty secret from Betty Boop with full, false lashes. Demi Whispies are your inexpensive trick to a sexy wink.


Flour Power: Baking in the Bathroom

Air Spun setting powder is the secret to mimicking Kim K’s baking technique, without the hefty price tag. Setting powders are not all alike, but the Air Spun setting powder is brawny strong.


Spritz it and Set it

Facial sprays give a dewy, natural look. Mario Badescu sells one fit for any beauty without the beastly price tag.


Buy Direct

Kim Kardashian is the ultimate business mogul. Her hair care line is priced for the budget conscious beauty’s wallet. Bonus: the products work like a salon shop version.


Highlight Your Assets

Put the focus on your natural beauty. Avoid shelling out your entire paycheck. Stock up on an affordable highlight product, like the ones by Wet and Wild or the trade secret of beauty bloggers: Hard Candy called Tiki.


Control Your Contour

The Contour Kit by Nyx is affordable and is a contouring work horse. The beauty bloggers brag about this kit that saves their cash and keeps them looking like Kim.


Turn Up The Volume

L’Oreal’s Voluminous Carbon Black mascara amps up your natural lashes without the super sized sales price.


Find a Dupe

Kylie Lip Kits are all the rage. But their price is sky high. Dupes are easy to find — even in dollar stores. The trick is to find liquid lipsticks and experiment with the color (layering works like magic!)


Brighten Your Smile

Use an at home kit or DIY it with the trusted peroxide and baking soda mix to gently whiten your teeth.


Make Your Eyes Pop

Line the insides of your eyes with a nude pencil to create a brighter, more awake set of peepers.


Get Creative with Cleansing

The Kardashian sisters are known for their creative of use of skin saving oils like coconut and Bio Oil. Use one of these nutrient packed concoctions to pre-cleanse and protect your skin when removing makeup.