15 Secrets to Tell If a Man Is In Love With You


Asks And Plans to Spend Time With You

A guy who wants to hang around you all of the time and not just for sex or to show off to his buddies shows that he loves you, according to Psychology Today. This may be an indication that he is planning a long-term commitment and is testing to see if he can live with you. A long-term relationship needs to fulfill abstract needs like fulfillment and rise in self-esteem as well as concrete needs like sex, food and someone to share the rent.


Shows An Interest In Your World

Someone who loves you should not always be talking about himself, his job and his interests. He should ask about events in your life and take the time to let you talk about things you like, about your current problems and about your job. Listening to you and even asking you about you not only shows that he is not completely egocentric but that he wants to find more things to talk to you about. Communication is important in good relationships. If only one person in a couple is doing all the talking then the relationship is doomed.


It’s a Matter of Trust

Your lover should not have a private detective following your every move. He needs to trust you just as much as you need to trust him. This does not mean you have to open a joint banking account with him. If you cannot accept that he needs to break a date due to a death in his family, then you have trust issues that, if not addressed, will cause disaster down the line. According to a 2012 study published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, trust is one of the most important ingredients of successful long-term romances.


Lends a Helping Hand

A relationship is not all wine and roses. There’s some hard work involved, too. This work takes the form of household chores like taking out the trash to even more drastic help such as picking you up at the airport or bailing you out of jail. Well, hopefully you will never need to be bailed out of jail but wouldn’t it be great to know that your man would do it? If he helps with your chores, gives you a shoulder to cry on or even helps you deal with your crazy family then he is willing to do whatever it takes to make you happy.


Respects Your Point Of View

Long-term relationships between couples with opposing viewpoints can happen. For example, in 1993 Democratic strategist James Carville married to a die-hard Republican, Mary Matalin. They’ve been together ever since. How do they stay together? By respecting each other’s views and opinions. Someone who loves you will not belittle your opinions constantly. Sure, you may argue but in the end you just agree to disagree and go to bed.


Asks For Your Advice

Someone who loves you will not make any big decisions that can impact you without asking for your advice. Even when making small decisions like which shirt to wear, asking for your advice shows that he cares about what you think – even if he acts contrary to your advice. If he didn’t love you, he wouldn’t bother asking.


Is Affectionate

Wanting to touch you shows that he is still interested in you and your happiness. Keep in mind that each man has differing levels of what he considers affection. Having sex every night does not mean that he is not being intimate with you. Even a hug or cupping your cheek can be intimate.


Keeps Looking At You

According to Psychology Today, there are non-verbal cues that men do that reveal their deepest feelings. They may not even know that they do it. Looking at you often is one of those signs.


Doesn’t Mind Reminiscing About Your Relationship

Talking about happy times in your relationship is pleasurable. Reminiscing about these past times such as when you first met can help share happiness and your bond. It helps to open up those all-important lines of communication. Just don’t talk about it all of the time.


Sticks Up For You

When you are criticized or made fun of in public, does he ignore what’s going on or does he try and defend you? A majority of the time he should be sticking up for you, especially if you know that he shares your same interests and viewpoints. If you are getting mugged and he walks away, you know you need to walk away from him.


Raises Your Self-Esteem

You should feel good about who you are when you are with your man. He should not constantly badger you to change or never give you a word of praise.


Have You Meet His Friends And Family

It’s a big risk to let you meet people who’ve known him for a long time. They have many humiliating stories about him they could tell!


Lets You Have Your Own Life

Abusive men try to completely control their women’s lives. Someone who loves you will not tell you where you can go, to stop seeing your family or demands he handles all of your money.


Touches You In Public

Being affectionate with someone in public is a big risk. When he wants to snuggle or kiss in public he shows that he is proud to be seen with you and that he does not care if anyone watching disapproves. A little PDA can lead to a big love.


Does Not Hit You, Your Kids or Your Pets

Hitting does not mean that he really cares or is just a little different from usual. If he hits once, he’ll do it again.