15 Celebrity Moms Doing This Whole Parenting Thing Right


Christina Aguilera

To be so young and popular, Aguilera is doing a great job juggling her career and motherhood, thus far. The proud mother of her son, Max, and daughter, Summer Rain, Aguilera still manages to throw parties, help with homework, and more. Add that to her gig on the hit television show, The Voice, and the busy mom is really doing a great job juggling all of her hats. Not bad for a former child star turned international icon.



Another child star turned international pop icon, Beyoncé has been at the top of the game for quite some time. Although she has long since proven her ability to build an empire, her parenting skills remained a mystery until recent years. Only four years in and Bey has proven that she gives Blue Ivy lots of love, and has created a safe environment that promotes individuality and growth. Even going so far as to write a song about her daughter’s right to wear her hair “in baby hair and Afros,” Beyonce has shown that she will not allow public scrutiny to dictate how she raises her child.


Gwyneth Paltrow

Speaking of which, fellow glamorous mom and friend of the Bey hive, Gwyneth Paltrow is also an excellent mom. Now with children ages 12 and 10, Apple and Moses seem to be fairly happy, well-adjusted kids, and they even help out with Blue Ivy from time to time. Moreover, in the wake of a very public divorce with her ex, Chris Martin, Paltrow has shown she can hold it together on the motherhood front even in the face of extreme adversity.


JK Rowling

Unique to this list, Rowling is a true rags to riches story. A mother since well before she became a success, her daughter, Jessica, has been there for the whole ride. Now remarried, she has since had two more children making her a proud mother of three. In addition to that, the literal mother of “Harry Potter”, that fact alone makes her one of the best moms on the planet!


Laila Ali

Raised in a large family and by the “world’s greatest”, in the wake of the passing of her legendary father, Ali remains a dedicated wife and mother. Taking a page from the book of her dad, she has shown her ability to fight against adversity and to keep family first at all times.


Jada Pinkett Smith

The mother of some of the coolest kids around, the proof is in the pudding in relation to Pinkett’s parenting skill. Raising two forward-thinking children with great sense and style. Not only that, each of her kids have already became fashion icons and are taking over the music game, as well. Kudos, Jada!


Nicole Kidman

Having children with a man who is arguably one of the strangest men in the entertainment industry can’t be easy. Nevertheless, Kidman did just that and raised her daughter, Bella, with style and grace. Opening up a bit more about their relationship recently, Kidman has proven to be a class, act and a great mother to boot.


Sheryl Crow

A mom with some serious star power, Crow has managed to keep her kids out of the spotlight and even fought breast cancer while raising her two sons, Wyatt and Levi. Not presently in the spotlight, it seems that Crow has temporarily settled town in order to make her family her top priority.


Lauren Ambrose

A woman who once played the virginal, Juliette, while taking breaks in between to breastfeed, this mom is clearly awesome on all levels. Especially given the widespread scrutiny of breastfeeding in public as of late, any mother willing to fight to feed their kids on demand deserves an award.


Erykah Badu

A magical woman who has three kids, by three rappers, and no drama, Badu is clearly the queen of making the best of a not-so-good situation. Not to mention her kids are smart, well adjusted, and so far on the right paths in life. In addition to that, Badu continues to tour and travel the world giving the gift of music. Super mom, indeed!


Gwen Stephani

A rock star mommy, Stephani has clearly mastered the art of juggling career and mommy duties. In the wake of a very public and embarrassing divorce from her ex, Gavin Rossdale, Stephani is once again dating and making music while being an awesome mother.


Maggie Gyllenhaal

A mom who quietly fought for her right to publicly breastfeed, how could you not include Gyllenhaal on this list?! A busy actress, the starlet has shown that she will put her kids first at any and all costs.


Angelina Jolie

A mom who has an unconventional view on most things, Jolie has created a huge family and it seems they thrive off of love rather than lavish gifts. Moreover, with no strict rules for the children, they are each encouraged to dress themselves and find their own paths in life.


Kourtney Kardashian

Say what you want about this reality star’s bloodline, but this vegan mom spends a great deal of time with her kids and even opts to sleep with them rather than their father, Scott Disick.


Kelly Rowland

Lastly, a newer mom on the block, Rolland continues to work her butt off while raising her young son, Titan. Seemingly out of nowhere, the starlet got married and started her family. Recently conducting a search to create her own girl group, it seems that Rolland still has quite a few tricks up her sleeve professionally, as well as personally.