12 Super Short Shaved Fashion Hairstyles Make A Buzz In 2017


The Audrey Hepburn

When you think classically cool, you can’t help but think of the legendary Audrey Hepburn. Her sleek short hair highlighted her smooth elvin features and perky smile. Her super-short hair also helped her complete her sleek silhouette. You don’t have to be as thin as the late Hepburn to have the hair of an icon. A great look for most types of face shapes.


Pixie Puff

An ultra-feminine and fun twist on the pixie cut where the very top of your head is left a medium or not-as-short-as-shaved length to make a cute fluffy done on the top part of your head. Some designers call it the Halle Berry quiff, although you can go shorter than how Halle usually has hers when she hits the red carpet. Show off your ear candy and necklaces as well as your new doo in a pixie puff this summer.


Shaved Pixie

Another twist on the pixie that pops is to shave your hair super-short but not Sinead O’Connor short. Leave it fluffy on the top. It’s like you’re wearing a cool thin hate of hair. Accentuate the part and color your remaining hair to contrast with your skin color. Works well with African American hair textures or anyone considering cornrows.


Shaved Hair Art

The back and sides of the head make an elegant and eye-catching canvass for subtle and not-so-subtle designs shaved into the buzz cut portions of your new hair. You can go with zig-zags, racing stripes or a single hoop line below a topknot, like Korean singer Gummy did. The sharply contrasting circle highlights the beauty of the topknot and any ribbons, beads or braids featured there. Shaving subtle designs is a good way to guide the eyes of others to see what you want them to see.


Layered Looks

The limits of the pixie have yet to be reached. Add a touch of sass by leaving some layers long around the face or covering up your ears. These are called side bangs.  Highlight the shorter layers to make both your long and short hair stand out. A cute way to cover up any acne or scars on your cheeks or ears. You will be shocked at how much younger you will look with a layered pixie, especially if you have even-toned skin on your face and neck.


Accentuate the Bangs

Bangs can bring fireworks to your summer hairstyle. This is an especially good style for oval and heart-shaped faces. Keep the back in the military buzz, front bangs long and side bangs can be long or in-between. Highlight alternating layers in your bangs for a brilliant effect.


False Bobs

The classic bob has been brought up to date with a wave or a curl to frame the face and neck, such as Selena Gomez did. Do it when you want to show off your best side. Make that side the one with the wave.


Half Shaving

Worked hard to grow that sexy long ponytail? You can still be cool by shaving the sides of your head, keeping the top hair on but bangs off and leaving your luxurious ponytail alone. Need an inspiration? Look no further than singer and model Cassie. Her long ponytail balances her short face, china-doll ears and pouty lips.


Sneaked-In Shave

Have straight boring hair? Turn boring to amazing by a super-short style with mini-shaving. Pick a super-short style like a bob, keep bangs long and sweep them to the side. Shave small patches around the ears or the back of the head and sweep top hair over the back to make the shaved patches peek out. It’s like your hair is winking at everyone.


Just-Out-Of-Bed Hot

Sometimes messy hair can be magnificent, as seen on Ginnifer Goodwin at the Met Gala. Keep short back and sides and break out the styling gel for the top of your head or bangs. Go crazy in making dips and swirls like a tempting ice cream cone that just begs to be licked. Make your eyebrows the same color as your hair for extra emphasis.


Short Hair With Square Bangs

Have a long or square face? Show it off with your top bangs cut square above your eyes. Short back and sides with optional layering on top is both easy to care for and sexy. A bowl cut for those with very singular bowls. The front resembles NCIS actress Pauly Perrette, but the back and sides are all you. Ponytails  and lab coats optional.


A Miley Cyrus

Just got your ears pierced or got them pierced again? Show off your new earrings with one of Miley Cyrus’s short hairdos with some dramatic shaving. You shave the sides of your head down to the skin or in a receding fade. Keep the top hair long for a pompadour or for you for own special way. Add a necklace and sunglasses, stick out your tongue and you are ready to rock.