12 Celebrities Who Keep Their Whole Family Active


Britney Spears

The singer is well known for her many different talents.  But besides the time she devotes to her singing and dancing, she also makes time to spend with all of her family.  The time that she spends with family even extends to doing workouts and various exercises with her niece, Sophia.  What better way is there to bond than through keeping in shape and encouraging that in your children, nieces and nephews.


Lily Aldridge

Being a mother is only a small part of the work that this mother does.  Her health is just as important as being a parent and she finds new and unique ways to include her daughter in her various workouts.  One way she includes her daughter is by allowing her to sit on Lily’s back as a fun way to add weight to what she is currently doing.  She enjoys it and her daughter definitiely enjoys it as well.


Molly Sims

This celebrity has jumped right back into her workouts after having a baby girl.  And to help keep in touch with her newborn, she participates in Baby and Me Yoga classes.  There is no better way to get back into shape and bond with her new baby at the same time.  This is an activity that many new moms are beginning to enjoy and take part in.


Jenna Dewan-Tatum

This famous actress enjoys her workouts in a unique fashion that could prove to be very enjoyable to many parents.  When she is going for any of her runs, she turns the workout into a race with her young daughter.  Keeping up with young children can be a workout all on its own but makes every activity much more enjoyable.


Hilary Duff

This famous mom has been well known for her singing and acting talents since she was very young.  How does she keep in shape?  She believes that the best workout is a natural workout when compared to spending time in a gym to maintain her health.  Her son, who weighs about 35 pounds, provides this natural workout for the former Disney star.


Gisele Bundchen

This supermodel always looks amazing and catches attention wherever she goes and whatever she is doing.  One of her more enjoyable tricks to keeping healthy involves her son, Benjamin.  When she is enjoying a relaxing Yoga workout she is also teaching her son how to do the workout as she moves through the various poses.


Elsa Pataky

There are few things that can give this model and actress a more thorough workout than her two year old twin sons.  But this star does her best to find new ways to include her sons in her workouts, including teaching them some yoga when they visit the beach.  By including her children in her workouts while they are so young, she is creating a habit that will last their entire lives.


Drew Barrymore

This famous actress has a vast array of hobbies and workouts that she enjoys beyond her work in Hollywood.  But she does not let that interfere with spending time with her two year old daughter.  One of her workouts includes a mother and daughter yoga class where she can get a great workout and still bond with her young daughter.


Brooke Burke

This Hollywood star was recently a winner on the television show, Dancing with the Stars.  The type of shape and flexibility that is needed in that show is something that comes from extreme dedication and taking excellent care of yourself.  She is passing this lesson of dedication to health down to her daughter who seems to share her famous mother’s flexibility.


Hilaria Baldwin

There is nothing more important than family and staying healthy to this celebrity.  And what is better than combining the two?  That is what this star did when passing on her passion for fitness to daughter, Carmen.


Jada Pinkett Smith

The children of this star and her husband, Will Smith, are already grown (or almost there).  But that has not stopped her from finding ways to spend time with her children during a time of their life when most teenagers do not want to spend much time with their parents.  That includes running on the beach while enjoying this time with her teenage children.


Jessica Simpson

This famous singer will be the first to talk about the workout that your children can give you without having to do anything extra.  She maintains her health by playing and interacting with her kids on a daily basis.  This can be as simple as playing with them or chasing them around the house, which is what this superstar does.