11 Ways to Change Your Hair Without Regret


All About The Buns

Clip-in hair has evolved beyond traditional hair extensions. Get the perfect ballerina bun with a clip-on hair piece. Your style will be set for the day in less time than it takes to make a pony tail. Clip-on buns are available at mass merchandisers and specialty retailers in a variety of styles: sleek ballerina to big and messy. You can’t afford to be without a clip on bun for bad hair days.


Queen of (Hair) Style: Fake a Crown

Be the Queen of Savvy Hair Styling with a fake braided crown headband. The bohemian look of braiding hair around your face in a crown style will take amateurs forever. Skip the tedious braiding and save time with a sassy headband in faux hair that has already been braided into your ideal crown style.


Wind it Up: Magical Paint

Hair mascara that colors the details. This ingenious beauty product lets you paint on the color with a mascara wand. These Joyous ones are under ten dollar. With twelve shades to choose from, how can you go wrong?


Be Edgy with a Faux Punk Side Shave

A classically rock and roll hair style that looks edgy and urban. As the French would say, tres chic! Be bold. Be daring. Be a punk rocker with this styling side shave style that only lasts as long as it suits you. Watch the tutorial and rock on!


Bangs Away

To bang or not to bang. Bangs can completely elevate your style–sometimes for the worse. When Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge appeared with bangs, (across the pond, Brits call them fringe) the royal watchers went into a tizzy. Michelle Obama became a copy-Kate and tried on bangs (much to the chagrin of fashionistas across America.) Are you debating if bangs are a smart choice for you? Most bang naysayers complain that the re-growth period is not worth the benefit of stylish fringe. Before you take the plunge, experiment with the look by opting for clip-in bangs.


Rainbow Bright Highlights

Experimenting with color is never easy for the conservatives. Sometimes, a lady wants to leave the safe shores of blonde and brunette. Experimenting with bright hues can be daunting. Get over your fears while skipping the commitment with clip in extensions in an assortment of rainbow hues. For under ten dollars, you can accessorize your hair color with your outfit of the day. Hey- show us a picture of your true colors!


Avoid the Chopping Block with a Temporary Bob

Remember when everyone was hashtaging: long hair, don’t care! We do. We also remember how cute a bob looks. We also remember regretting the great chop. Many women get separation anxiety when they cut off several inches of hair. Does that sound like you? When tempted to cut off more than a trim, first try a temporary bob. This sweet tutorial on how to make a fake bob will keep savvy styistas looking sharp.


Before You Make the Cut: Fake It

You can avoid buying clip-in bangs altogether by faking bangs with clever hair placement. Ingenious noncommittal (and affordable!) option, yes? Two ways to fake bangs: with a top knot (which is similar to a bun, but has its own nuances) or with a headband. The top knot method can be amended for a variety of bun styles. An easier way to fake bangs is to pull your hair into a half-up, half-down pony tail. Pull a small section of hair from the pony tail forward, towards your face. Secure with bobby pins and hide with a headband, hair scarf, or bandana.


Pixie Perfect

The pixie cut is chic and sexy. Not every face can pull off the sporty and sultry style. Try the style and show us how you look.


Chalk It Up

Another option for noncommittal hair color: hair chalk. A rainbow of shades, a temporary color: what’s not to love? Have fun with your hair and rinse away the evidence. Got Glam Hair Chalk costs less than a box of DIY hair color and contains  a rainbow of 24 colors.


Spray and Spritz

Rainbow bright with a temporary colorful delight! Be playful. Have fun! Spray paint your hair in a variety of fun, funky, and bubble gum shades. These bright temporary hair colors are under six dollars! Try on one of Jerome Russell BWild sprays!