10 Ways to Improve Your Kissing Skills as an Adult (Especially #6!)


Wash Up Before Puckering Up

Make sure you are clean and smell good before even considering kissing. This includes a clean face as well as a brushed and flossed mouth. Seems too prissy a rule for passion? Actually, it’s not. In a 2007 Hughes, Harrison and Gallup survey of 1104 male and female college students on what they like best in a kiss, having a hygienic partner was the number one feature they wanted. Consider what it’s like to kiss a partner who has just eaten liverwurst with onions and has not showered in weeks. How your mouth tastes and how your body smells and feels is part of what makes a great kiss memorable.


Be Assertive

Remember that 2007 survey on college students we mentioned earlier? Another trait that makes up a great kiss for both men and women was that the kisser was assertive or even initiated the kiss. You need to show that you are committed to starting, following through and finishing the kiss. A shy or too-quick smack of a kiss gives the impression that you’d rather be doing anything else other than kissing your partner. An assertive, committed kiss banishes these impressions.


Caress While You Kiss

Another item those 1104 college students surveyed when asked what they liked in a kiss was that their partner doesn’t just kiss. The kiss is accompanied by a gentle touch or caress with the fingers, hands, feet or other body parts. Think of the great statue The Kiss by Rodin. The lovers are kissing, yes, but what else are they doing? They are embracing. She holds him with arms about his neck while he has his hand on her thigh. Both of them are touching but yet not clutching. This always gives the other the freedom to break off the kiss whenever he or she wants to.


Don’t Go Right For the Tongue

And let’s go back to that college student survey again. While men said that they preferred open-mouthed or French kissing, both sexes stated a definite preference for how a kiss should begin. Keep those lips closed, especially if this is the very first kiss with a new guy or gal. Keep the saliva to a minimum, too. As the heat increases, then slowly crack those lips open to see if there your partner does the same. If he or she does, great! Keep on widening the mouth slowly and introducing the tongue slowly so you do not overwhelm your partner with tongue or spit.


Make Some Noise

Both male and female college students in that 2007 survey had differing opinions when it came to making noise while kissing. Women were not that turned on by it but men were. They stated that they liked hearing sounds of pleasure from their partners during a kiss. Ladies, start your engines after you pucker up to impress your man.


Just Kiss And Do Nothing Else

In order to show that your partner means the world to you, act as if the rest of the world doesn’t exist. In other words, do not look at your watch when kissing or keep on texting your BFF. Just kiss and for a few moments anyway do nothing else other than concentrate on the kiss. It may help to close your eyes in order to avoid temptation to look at the television over his shoulder.


Take A Deep Breath

If you are stressed out it will translate to your lips and deliver some awkward and uncomfortable kisses. Take a deep breath and try to relax before the kiss, if possible. According to Psychology Today, relaxed lips make for better kisses. If your lover is tight or stressed out, then kissing as well as stroking the cheeks or head can help the partner relax.


Kiss In Public

Kissing in public lets your partner know two things. First, that you are not ashamed to kiss your lover in public. Secondly, it shows that you are proud to kiss your partner and that your partner is a most kissable human being. Just be sure that the public places you kiss in are appropriate situations before you lick your lips and pucker up.


No Means No

If your partner is reluctant to kiss, do not badger for him or her for a kiss. By saying, “Sorry,” and then not asking for a kiss you are showing respect for your partner. Some people are deathly allergic to certain common foods like milk, eggs or nuts. Even if they kiss someone who recently ate those foods they could need to go to the hospital to avoid dangerous reactions. Give your partner the benefit of the doubt.


If You Loved It, Tell Your Partner

Let your partner know that you enjoyed the kiss in more ways than just wanting to kiss some more. There could always be that niggle of doubt in the back of your partner’s mind as to whether you like the kiss or not. So be sure to tell your lover that you loved the kiss. On the other hand, telling your partner gently what you do not like in the kiss can help lead to better kissing and ultimately bonding together as a couple.