New Courtship

new courtship marriage

Take it back to square one and behave as though you’re just meeting; ask each other cute little questions, leave each other notes and gifts, get to know each other all over again, and on a deeper level. You may also want to do things such as post loving messages on social media and take happy pictures of/ with one another. Moreover, if you are experiencing intimacy issues, you may opt to sleep in separate bedrooms for a week or two and let the tension build up until the two of you can no longer contain yourselves.

Date Night

date night marriage

Speaking of taking it back to the basics, there is nothing more important than creating your own date night. Whether you go dancing, sky diving, or stay in the house and watch a movie, the important thing is that you two have a chance to spend some time alone together each and every week.

Switch it Up

switch it up marriage

If you and your spouse are starting to think the thrill is gone, this is likely because you are becoming too familiar with each other and need a change; buy some new clothes, change your hair, purchase a new bed or bed set, buy some new, romantic music, or anything else that you believe will help promote a loving environment. The point is to make some changes so that you can get out of your relationship funk.

Role Play

role play marriage

Speaking of which, role playing is another excellent way to help heat up your marriage. Whether it’s your favorite TV character or simply a scenario you’ve been wanting to act out, allowing yourselves to be free enough to explore this new realm is sure to boost your level of romance as well as intimacy.

Hotel Getaways

hotel getaways marriage

In addition to that, hotel getaways are also a great way to spice up your marriage. After many years of looking at the same scenery, a new setting can actually work wonders in your love life. Following one of your nights out on the town, book a room, decorate it with flowers and candy, and pretend it is honey moon night again!

Vow Renewal

vow renewal marriage

No matter if you’ve been married for ten days or ten years, renewing your vows is always an option. The ceremony can be as understated or as dramatic as you’d like (and can afford) and you will definitely have a new sense of devotion and love towards your partner once the ceremony is over.

New Honeymoon

new honeymoon marriage

Moreover, if you have the time and money, scheduling an actual second honeymoon can be an excellent way to get your marriage groove back. For a minimum of 2-5 days, take a romantic getaway with just you and your spouse. You will not only appreciate the time away, but you will likely take a trip down memory lane and start to remember why you got married in the first place.

Happy Hour

happy hour marriage

In addition to that, never be too proud to blame it on the alcohol. In other words, it is no secret that a little bit of alcohol can go a long way as far as your libido is concerned. By meeting up at happy hour to unwind and having a few drinks, you just may be ready to unwrap each other by the time you pull into the driveway.



If you’re having trouble in your marriage, celebrating may be the last thing on your mind. Nevertheless, if could also be exactly what you need. Did you get a raise? Did the kids get perfect attendance? Did you lose that last 5 pounds? It doesn’t have to be a major milestone in your life, it just has to be something that you feel is worthy of some positive attention. You can then plan a day out or in and celebrate the win as a family. This is a great way to boost intimacy while letting your partner know that you support them and all of their achievements.

Plan Your Future

plan for the future marriage

Lastly, you likely discussed your plans for the future before you got married, and much has probably changed since then. Have a serious sit-down with your spouse and begin to plot out your future together, again. This is a great way to reminisce about the past as well as reaffirm the future.