10 Distinguishing Features of the World’s Most Beautiful Faces (You Can Easily Do #8)


Everything’s Symmetrical

Science tells us that the most important thing a face needs to be considered beautiful is that it has to be symmetrical. This means that one side of the face needs to be about the same as the other side. Eyes, eyebrows, lips, ears and chin should be the same shape and color. The nose should be straight and not crooked. However, most people do have noticeable differences on one side of their faces. It could be that we choose symmetrical faces because this is a proof of good health.


Needs Symmetrical Hairstyle

Our unconscious selves also look for symmetrical hairstyle around a symmetrical face. Recommended hairdos include a basic bob or the Beatles’s floppy mop-tops from the early Sixties. Not only do humans look for symmetrical hair, faces and bodies but so do other creatures including the common Japanese scorpion fly. In a 1994 study by University of New Mexico Professor Randy Thornhill discovered that flies chose mates mainly on how symmetrical their wings were.


Blondes DO Have More Fun

Blonde hair and blue eyes is considered the most attractive combination a human being of either sex can have, according to science. This combination is thought to have first appeared in the human species about 11,000 years ago. It was so unusual for those times that blondes that survived to sexual maturity were thought of to be healthier than other hair or eye colors. However, part of the scientific method is to keep testing a hypothesis to see if there are any flaws. In another scientific survey published in the Scandanavian Journal of Psychology suggested brunettes are the most beautiful women in the world. Forget how the universe started — the sexiest hair color battle rages on in scientific circles.


Average Facial Features

Believe it or not, we unconsciously look for facial features that are average and not perfect. How our brains classify facial features as “average” depends upon where we live and what faces we look at every day of our lives. According to University of Toronto Psychologist Dr. Kang Lee, average features show that we have “the most diverse sets of genes” which means that not only are they healthier, but would be more likely to produce healthier children than people with not-so-average facial features.


How Far Apart Eyes Should Be

The eyes are so important to choosing a mate. According to afore-mentioned psychologist Dr. Kang Lee, the perfect distance apart for eyes should be “46% of your face’s width.” Men like David Beckham and Brad Pitt have this ratio as well as women like Johnny Depp’s ex Amber Heard and Kim Kardashian.


How Far Apart Eyes Should Be From Your Mouth

Scientists love ratios — have you noticed that yet? Dr. Lee also notes that the world’s most beautiful people have eyes that are 36% of the length of your face. Women sporting this perfect ratio include singer Shania Twain, actress Liz Hurley and chip-shop worker Florence Colgate, winner of the 2012 Britian’s Most Beautiful Face contest.


The Golden Ratio

The Internet was buzzing in 2016 when The Centre for Advanced Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery developed software to automatically figure out these nifty ratios. It’s called the Golden Ratio because it’s the same one used by ancient Greeks and that’s what they named it. So there. The number, called Phi in Greek, is 1.618. No, we have no idea how it works, either but we can’t argue that their picks for most beautiful faces are spot on. Top faces include Amber Heard, Marliyn Monroe,  Emily Ratajkowski, Helen Mirren and Scarlett Johansson.


White Teeth

There’s a good reason why your supermarket has been flooded with tooth-whitening products. People prefer white teeth because they are a sign of youth and health. People with white teeth also are preferred by human resources personnel. So, whether you are heading out on a first date or a job interview, get your teeth as white and bright as possible.


Straight Teeth

Even if you can’t read by the whiteness of your teeth, take heart if you still have all of your teeth. Take heart especially if our teeth are straight. According to a 2012 study by Kelton, two out of five Americans refused to go on a second date with a person that did not have straight teeth. People with straight teeth also did better in job interviews. Although it may be sad to think that we are judged by our looks, we cannot help but be judged by our looks and judge others the same way. It’s in our genes to try and pick the healthiest partner (or co-worker) that we can. Straight teeth are a sign of good health and (possibly) wealth.


Put on a Smile

So you do not have a symmetrical face, haircut and have dull, crooked teeth. Is there anything you can do to look more attractive? Yes! You can smile. People do subconsciously prefer smiles — even to people who are wearing perfect makeup. This was the eye-opening finding of a study financed by Orbit Complete of 1,000 UK women. Two-thirds of the women polled said that smiling women without makeup looked “approachable,” “fun” and “confident” while photographs of women wearing makeup that were not smiling looked “moody” and “hostile.”